Mixed Use Building - City Foundry StL North




S. M. Wilson & Co

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Bids will be received by the Construction Manager, S. M. Wilson & Co. for the Project described herein. Bids must be submitted to S. M. Wilson & Co. by 2:00 pm February 5th, 2018. Bids may be emailed to S. M. Wilson & Co at bids@smwilson.com, faxed to S. M. Wilson & Co at 314-645-1700 or hand delivered to S. M. Wilson & Co’s main office (2185 Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139).

This project consists of the following Work Packages.

BID PACKAGE 04 – North Mixed Use Building 4 & Building 5

Work Package MU#1 Testing and Special Inspections Work Package MU#2 Concrete – (TO BE BID AT A LATER TIME) Work Package MU#3 Masonry Work Package MU#4 Structural Steel Work Package MU#5 General Trades Work Package MU#6 Sheet Metal Flashing, Trim & Wall Panels Work Package MU#7 Roofing Work Package MU#8 Joint Sealants Work Package MU#9 Doors, Frames & Hardware Work Package MU#10 Glass & Glazing Work Package MU#11 Sectional Overhead Doors Work Package MU#12 Metal Studs, Drywall & Air Barrier Work Package MU#13 Painting & High Performance Coatings Work Package MU#14 Elevators Work Package MU#15 Fire Suppression Work Package MU#16 Plumbing Work Package MU#17 HVAC Work Package MU#18 Test and Balance Work Package MU#19 Electrical & Access Control

There will be an Outreach / Pre-bid Meeting is scheduled on Wednesday January 23 at 3:30 PM. The meeting will be held at City Foundry in the SM Wilson Job trailer located at 214 South Vandeventer Ave. St. Louis, MO.

The purpose of this meeting is allow Minority Contractors to meet Prime Contractors bidding on the project and to address technical questions concerning the project from prospective bidders. All Contractors are encouraged to attend the appropriate meetings.