Vande East Apartments - Insulation

The Vande East Apartment project is a 14-story development location near the intersection of Vandeventer Ave. and Forest Park Ave. adjacent to the City Foundry development. The ground floor shall consist of a retail space and parking, floors 2-6 shall be provided as solely parking, and floors 7-14 shall be residential with a total of 270 apartment units. Amenities shall be provided on levels 7 and 14, with Level 7 housing a pool deck, rooftop garden, and interior lounge and Level 14 providing another roof deck and interior Club Room/Game Room. The building will be constructed as a post-tension concrete structure bearing on deep foundation piles. Three (3) elevators shall serve the main residential portion of the development, with an additional two (2) elevators serving the parking levels only. Residential units shall be served by a dedicated split system HVAC system, with an in-unit furnace and rooftop condenser. The façade of the residential portion of the building shall be comprised of primarily fully captured window wall with metal panel accents. The parking floor facades shall be vertical aluminum mullions spaced evenly around the perimeter of the floor. The parking façade shall allow for ‘open, ventilated’ parking floors. The ground floor shall be a combination of brick and storefront.
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